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Cotes de provence french rosé wine



Wines to celebrate….

Summer has always been a season of celebration – long days, hot nights and sunshine.

Rosé is the wine - the Breton stripe, the uniform.

And the truest rosé comes from Provence.

A simple wine, dating back to 600 BC, suddenly became a symbol of glamour and leisure in the 19th century, as French holiday makers headed south and sipped chilled rosé after long sun-filled days at the beach or over a game of pétanque in the town square.

Around the same time, Napoleon’s 21-striped uniform, designed to standout against the waves, became the staple of summer chic - an expression of freedom and independence, worn by 20th century icons.

From humble beginnings both have transcended seasons and been elevated into the ultimate symbol of French sophistication.

Two classics combined in perfect harmony. Standing out from the crowd.

That is the spirit of Breton rosé.

The casual elegance of the iconic Breton stripe combined with a premium Cộtes de Provence rosé.
A celebration of the local vignerons and artisan winemakers committed to perfecting their craft, along with the artists, rebels and tastemakers who wore the famous Breton stripe.

A celebration of those long lunches by the Med or in the Alps with good company.

A celebration of the sunshine – all year round.